Linux page

Adding virtual mail domains on CENTOS 7
Installing,configuring DNS,DHCP and Dynamic DNS on CENTOS 7
Installing & Configuring LDAP server and client on CENTOS 7 and FEDORA 21 Server
Install Virtual machine using kickstart file
Configuring OpenVPN server on Fedora 21
NIC Bonding & Teaming on CentOS 7
Get logs from remote computer-CentOS 7
Firewall in CentOS 7
iSCSI storage on CentOS 7
Integrating Squid with Active Directory
Setting up failover cluster for MariaDB on CentOS 7
AutoFS on CENTOS 7
Configuring Check_MK monitoring tool on CentOS 6
Installing Check_MK agent on Windows host remote
Installing and configuring DNS on Ubuntu 15.10
SSH login without password from Windows to Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS
Docker web server on Ubuntu Server 16.04
Sharing data between Docker host and Docker containers
Private Docker Registry in Ubuntu Server 16.04
Packaging software in docker images
Installing and configuring Rundeck on CentOS 7
Creating Rundec ACL policies
Monitor Rundeck Jobs with Zabbix
Configuring Postfix as email relay for Office 365
Docker container healthcheck
Linking Docker containers
Installing Portus Docker registry on CentOS 7
Configuring Portus Docker registry
Configuring Docker Swarm
Docker stack deploy
Monitoring SQL Jobs with Zabbix
Puppet Master Installation on CentOS 7
Auto Signing Certificates for Puppet agent\
Puppet Load Balancing
Installing and configuring PuppetDB on CentOS 7
Rundeck – Nginx as SSL reverse proxy
Monitoring email content using Zabbix
Rundeck – Run Docker container
Docker – create Postfix container
Bootstrapping EC2 in Terraform: hide secrets in user_data
Installing and Configuring Elasticsearch,Logstash and Kibana (ELK stack)
CentOS 7 – Windows Active Directory Integration using SSSD
Vagrant – creating Virtual machine
Add machine to Nagios using Ansible
Apache – Hosting multiple SSL/HTTPS PHP Laravel sites using Single IP – CentOS 7
phpIPAM – installation and configuration on CentOS 7
Configuring SSL Certificates on Apache – CentOS 7
Monitoring Rsync on Nagios Core – CentOS 7
Configuring rsync on CentOS 7
Visual Studio Code – Executing Python Script on remote Linux Machine (CentOS 7)
Vagrant – Authentication failure. Retrying… after packaging box
Extending /dev/mapper/centos-root on CentOS 7 – Hyper-V
Install CentOS 8 on Hyper – V
Install Nagios Core on CentOS 8
Nagios core High Availability (HA) on CentOS 8
Upgrading/Migrating AWX Ansible on CentOS 7
Installing and configuring Rancid on CentOS 8
Nagios Core – monitoring Linux disk partition (CentOS 7/8)
Nagios Core – Monitoring Windows Task scheduler
Installing unison on CentOS 8
CloudStack – Running API calls (Python, PHP)
Terraform hangs on terraform apply/plan
Ubuntu 20.04 – Extend boot partition
CentOS – extending last primary partition
Alma Linux 8.4 – Status code: 404 during update
Windows Subsistem for Linux – Make /etc/resolv.conf changes permanent


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