Microsoft Azure

Installing Server 2012 VM using Resource Manager and Power Shell

Installing Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

Enabling Remote Powershell connection to Azure Virtual Machine

Installing Active Directory on Azure VM

Creating Azure AD user and joining device to the Azure Domain

Connecting to Azure from Windows 10

Monitoring Azure Web Application-Part I

Monitoring Azure Web Application-Part II

Expanding the OS drive of a Virtual Machine in an Azure

Desired State Configuration in Azure VM

High Availability in Azure

Create a Virtual Machine Scale Set in Azure

Creating and configuring Azure Storage

Setting Azure Point to Site VPN

Configuring Azure VNet peering

Creating user in Azure AD using PowerShell

Deploying Docker containers in Azure

Implementing Azure Container Registry

Azure Container Service for Kubernetes

Adding custom domain to Azure Web Application

Binding SSL Certificate to Azure Web Application

Protecting data with Azure Backup

Swarm Azure Container Service

Azure Automation

Configuring Terraform to Work with Azure

Deploying Azure Virtual Machine using Terraform

Azure Active Directory integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Azure Active Directory integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)-Manual Provisioning

Azure Multi factor authentication (MFA)

Synchronizing On-Premise Active Directory with Office 365

Azure-Adding Custom domain to Storage Account

Adding file share using Azure portal

Azure-Creating Shared Access Policy

Azure User Defined route

Office 365-configuring AD synchronization

Giving Azure VM access to storage account

Installing SQL database in Azure

Azure Key Vault

Azure Log Analytics

Azure Application gateway

Configure Application gateway for hosting multiple sites

Azure-Enabling web application firewall on Application gateway

Connecting Azure virtual machines in different regions

Creating connection between Azure and Amazon EC2

Monitoring Azure resources with Zabbix

Monitoring Azure Health Dashboard RSS with Zabbix

Monitoring Azure replication

Azure Active Directory – Invite external user without sending email

Creating Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Terraform 0.12 – Module for creating Azure virtual machine

Terrafrm – Azure Modules for creating VNET, VM and Application gateway

Microsoft Azure – Conditional Access policy

Azure – Deploy VM using ARM templates

Jira – Setting up OAuth 2.0 email authentication in Azure

az aks get-credentials/az grop show – (ResourceGroupNotFound) Resource group could not be found.

Powershell – Download file from Azure Storage account container