GNS3 home lab-connect devices to the intenet

Installing and configuring Tacacs server on Windows Server 2012 and CISCO router

NAT-allow access to internal web site

Configuring IP DHCP Snooping on Cisco switch

VLAN Trunking Protocol

InterVLAN routing on Layer 3 Switch

Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN on Cisco router

Configuring ASA on GNS3-allow ICMP traffic

Hosting Web Site in DMZ in ASA-GNS3

Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN between two ASA’s (8.4.2) firewalls

Configuring a Site-to-Site VPN between two ASA’s (8.4.2) using Digital certificates

Configuring Split Tunneling on the ASA firewall for AnyConnect VPN Client

IPsec VPN Tunnel with Network Address Translation on ASA firewall

Port forwarding in ASA

Configuring GRE tunnel

Dynamic Multipoint VPN on GNS3

Filtering EIGRP routes in GNS3

EIGRP manual route summarization

Configuring EIGRP authentication

Multi-Area OSPF with Stub Areas

OSPF Virtual Links

OSPF route filtering

Route redistribution between RIP and OSPF

Policy Based Routing

IP SLA tracking

Inter-VLAN Routing on IOS L2 switches GNS3

Install Fortigate Amazon EC2 instance

Integrate Fortigate Firewall with Active Directory

Create Fortigate IPSEC VPN connection

Creating Remote SSL-VPN on Fortigate

Fortigate Explicit Web Proxy

Configuring Port Forwarding in Fortigate Firewall

Blocking web pages in Fortigate

Creating VPN site to Site between 2 Fortigate Firewalls

Creating Static Route in AWS EC2 Fortigate instance

Configuring Hair-pinning on a FortiGate

Traffic shaping on Fortigate Firewall


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