Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Creating VM in AWS

CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) in AWS

Cross-region replication on AWS

Restoring files from AWS buckets

Creating AWS buckets

Creating users and groups in Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Setting Multi-Factor Authentication (AWS)

Connecting to AWS VM from Windows

Connecting to AWS VM from Windows 10 using Linux Bash Shell

Adding volume to AWS VM

Creating Windows VM on AWS and Storage Pool

Configuring AWS Command Line Interface

Auto Scaling in AWS

Creating Amazon Elastic File System

Creating Custom VPC in AWS

Network Access Translation (NAT) in AWS-enable internet access to non-routable subnets

Enabling internet access to non-routable subnets using NAT Gateways on AWS

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon VPC Flow Logs

Installing Terraform on CentOS 7

Deploying Amazon EC2 instance using Terraform

Deploy Amazon VPC using Terraform

Connecting to EC2 instance deployed by Terraform

Deploying Windows EC2 instance using Terraform

Install packages to Amazon Virtual machine using terraform

Amazon Auto Scaling using terraform

Connecting from Ansible to remote Linux machines

Creating and tagging multiple AWS EC2 instances-without modules using Terraform

Adding Route 53 records using Terraform

Adding AWS EC2 instance to Rundeck server

Creating RDS instance using Terraform

Using Python wrapper with Terraform

Dynamically creating Amazon EC2 instances using python-terraform

Creating VPC peering between Amazon AWS Accounts

Get IAM roles,policies and users-AWS CLI

Azure Active Directory integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Azure Active Directory integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)-Manual Provisioning

Changing Subnet-Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2-Changing instance type

Amazon-setting up AWS Systems Manager

Hibernate Windows AWS EC2 instance using Lambda and System Manager

Monitoring AWS CloudWatch with Zabbix

Monitoring AWS Health Dashboard RSS with Zabbix

AWS Lambda to Disable EC2 termination protection

OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise installation

AWS Lambda Python script for listing available EBS volumes

AWS Lambda for checking for how long instance is stopped

AWS Lambda to shut down SSH inactive EC2 instances using System Manager

Lambda – dinamically shut down Amazon EC2 instances

Creating Site-To-Site VPN between StrongSwan and Amazon AWS Virtual Private Gateway

AWS Lambda – clean unused instances V2.0