Script Page

Create JIRA SubTask using REST API

Creating multiple JIRA subtasks for Issues without subtask using REST API

Configuring Azure Information Protection in Office 365-PowerShell script

Creating JIRA issue (task) with bash and Python using REST API

Python Lambda script for Cleaning Up unused Amazon EC2 instances

Robocopy script to synchronize folders

JIRA REST API – Create task and subtask using python

JIRA REST API – Create Task with assigned Sprint using PYTHON

PowerShell – delete path value in the Path environment variable

Powershell-Extract email body stored in custom folder using EWS-Office 365

Powershell – Get Memory,CPU and Free Disk space

Python fundamentals part I – basic data types

Python fundamentals part II – file manipulation

Python fundamentals part III – Boolean,for loops and while

Python fundamentals part IV – Scope resolution – LEGB rule

Python fundamentals part V – importing modules

PowerShell – Run command in Batches of 100

PowerShell – Edit, add/remove DNS Host A entry

Powershell – Filter Concatenated (combined) columns in CSV file

Powershell – Storing credentials in CSV file as key-value pair, encrypting and decrypting

Python – Move and replace if same file already exist in destination.

Powering On computer using Arduino Uno

Powershell – Hyper-V get VM IP config

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