Installing Chocolatey server using Ansible

Posted: November 28, 2018 in ansible, Windows Server

It’s presumed Chocolatey server will be installed on D drive,it’s presumed Chocolatey server has no internet access.

Choco installation files are obtained in following way:

On any windows machine with internet access following has been done:

  • installed chocolatey
  • after chocolatey has been installed following command has been executed:
    choco install chocolatey.server
  • all required files are downloaded to C:\tools folder


Copy tools folder somewhere to Ansible server, Ansible playbook will copy  it to D drive on Windows server.

Folder structure:

|—————–winplaybook/choco.yml   chocoserver/tools/


|             | ————–features/features.yml

|————–windows/vars_win.yml   vaul_win.yml

features.yml contains list of IIS features and IIS users

- Web-Server
- Web-Asp-Net45
- Web-AppInit 


- IIS APPPOOL\ChocolateyServer

chocoserver/tools contains chocolatey server installation (copied from windows machine with internet access)

Chocolatey API key is in vars_win.yml (unencrypted-point to vault_win.yml) and vault_win.yml (encrypted)


api_key: '{{ vault_api_key }}'


vault_api_key: myapi

Playbook will copy Chocolatey server files to D drive, installs IIS server and features,removes default IIS web site, creates Chocolatey application pool, sets ACL permissions on D:\tools\chocolatey.server and D:\tools\chocolatey.server\App_Data,creates Chocolatey IIS site and changes default API key

– name: install choco server
hosts: dc2
– group_vars/windows/vars_win.yml
– group_vars/features/features.yml
gather_facts: yes
– name: Copy Chocolatey server to D drive
src: /root/win_playbooks/choco_server/
dest: D:\
– name: Ensure IIS is installed
name: Web-Server
state: present
include_management_tools: True
– name: Ensure IIS Web-Server and ASP.NET are installed
name: ‘{{ item }}’
state: present
with_items: ‘{{ features }}’
– name: Ensure Default Web Site is not present
name: “Default Web Site”
state: absent
#- name: Chocolatey.server package is installed
# win_chocolatey:
# name: “chocolatey.server”
# state: present
– name: Configure AppPool for Chocolatey.server
name: ChocolateyServer
state: started
enable32BitAppOnWin64: true
managedRuntimeVersion: v4.0
managedPipelineMode: Integrated
startMode: AlwaysRunning
autoStart: true
– name: Grant read permissions to D:\tools\chocolatey.server
user: ‘{{ item }}’
path: D:\tools\chocolatey.server
rights: Read
state: present
type: allow
inherit: ContainerInherit, ObjectInherit
progagation: InheritOnly
with_items: ‘{{ users }}’
– name: Grant IIS APPPOOL\ modify permissions to D:\tools\chocolatey.server\App_Data
user: ‘{{ item }}’
path: D:\tools\chocolatey.server
rights: Modify
state: present
type: allow
inherit: ContainerInherit, ObjectInherit
progagation: InheritOnly
with_items: ‘{{ users }}’
– name: Create Chocolatey IIS site
name: “chocolatey”
state: started
port: 80
application_pool: “ChocolateyServer”
physical_path: D:\tools\chocolatey.server
register: website
– name: Change default API key
path: D:\tools\chocolatey.server\web.config
regexp: ‘<add key=”apiKey” value=”chocolateyrocks” />’
line:’         <add key=”apiKey” value=”{{ api_key }}”/>’
state: present

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