Changing Active Directory Domain joined computer name using Ansible

Posted: November 23, 2018 in ansible, Windows Server

Unlike other tasks, this one requires runas (become) permissions. So, we need to specify become statement in playbook, and to add following directives in group_vars folder (see this guide how to create it.

add 4 “ansible_become” lines as per example

ansible_user: Administrator
ansible_password: Pass
ansible_connection: winrm
ansible_port: 5986
ansible_winrm_server_cert_validation: ignore
ansible_become: yes
ansible_become_user: Administrator
ansible_become_pass: Passw
ansible_become_method: runas
Both are same account,it’s local admin account promoted to Domain Administrator after creating AD Domain, the reason why we need to add those 4 lines is because renaming AD joined machines required Active Directory credentials, those 4 “ansible_become” lines instruct Ansible to use domain administrator credentials instead of local administrator.
- name: Change computer name
  hosts: dc2
   - name: Change host name
     become: yes
       name: server2
     register: name_changed
   - name: reboot server after hostname changes
       msg: "Computer name changed,rebooting...."
       pre_reboot_delay: 15
     when: name_changed.changed


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