AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise installation

Posted: November 2, 2018 in Amazon Web Services (AWS), puppet

OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise runs Puppet enterprise server in AWS

In AWS console select OpsWorks-Go to OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise




Create Puppet Enterprise Server




Specify server name,region and instance size




Specify EC2 Key pair,Puppet git control repository and private key.

For direction how to create GitHub SSH connection see this post.




Specify VPC,Subnet,Security Group,System maintenance time and choose if you want to enable automatic backup of AWS Puppet instance




During installation download credentials and starter kit.Credentials will be used to authenticate to puppet when accessing via web console



Web access:

https://puppet instance ip

Use credentials downloaded in previous step




Installing Windows agent

First allow unauthenticated CA (to solve “access denied” issue when sending certification requests)
In Puppet console click on Classification-Expand PE Infrastructure-PE Master





Click on configuration,under Class: puppet_enterprise::profile::master add allow_unauthenticated_ca and set it to true




Windows agent is located at Puppet Enterprise server: /opt/puppetlabs/server/data/[ackages/public/<puppet version>/windows-x86_64-<puppet version>/puppet-agent-x64/msi

Transfer that file to Windows node,

Open CMD as administrator and run


puppet-agent-x64.msi /qn
Go to Puppet Enterprise console-Unsigned certs and sign certificate

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