Install Fortigate Amazon EC2 instance

Posted: July 18, 2018 in Amazon Web Services (AWS), fortigate

Fortinet Fortigate is Firewall appliance, available as Virtual Machine in Azure and Amazon.In this example we’ll be deploying Fortigate to Amazon.

In Launch Instance click AWS Marketplace and choose product



and instance type


Select VPC, if you try adding two Interfaces, you’ll get “We can no longer assign a public IP to your instance”, so assign only one network interface


I have VPC with 2 subnets: and i assigned interface which will be “external”.

I created secondary interface and assigned it to subnet.This one will be internal.

Creating second interface

In EC2 menu click Network Interfaces-Create Network Interface




Select subnet and Security group



Attaching interface

Click on your Fortigate instance-Actions-Networking-Attach Network Interface





After instance is started, we can connect to it.Use internal address, not a public one, otherwise, when changing interface role, you’ll lose connection to Fortigate.

Default username is admin, password is instance ID

Click Network-interfaces-right-click interface-Edit


Set alias, and change role




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