Creating connection between Azure and Amazon EC2

Posted: June 25, 2018 in AWS, Azure

On Amazon side:

Create new elastic IP

Select Virtual Private Cloud-Elastic IPs-Allocate new address


Click allocate


I used default VPC if you need to create new VPC,take a look here

Create EC2 instance and assign VPC (default or custom one and subnet)


Allocate Elastic IP to instance-in EC2 select instance-Actions-Associate address


Resource Type-instance-select instance and  Private IP


Azure portal

Create Virtual Network Gateway (details here)

Create Local Network Gateway


IP Address:Amazon Elastic IP (created earlier)

Address Space (Amazon VPC subnet to which EC2 instance is assigned)



Once Local network gateway is created go to Connections-Add


Select Virtual Network gateway,local network gateway and shared key


Copy Virtual network gateway IP


find out Azure VM network

Click on Azure VM-Networking to find out subnet name


write down subnet, it will be needed for Powershell script


On AWS EC2 instance install RRAS and configure IPSec VPN.In this case is Azure Virtual Network Gateway IP, Azure VM subnet and 123456 Secret Key

# Windows Azure Virtual Network

# This configuration template applies to Microsoft RRAS running on Windows Server 2012 R2.
# It configures an IPSec VPN tunnel connecting your on-premise VPN device with the Azure gateway.

# !!! Please notice that we have the following restrictions in our support for RRAS:
# !!! 1. Only IKEv2 is currently supported
# !!! 2. Only route-based VPN configuration is supported.
# !!! 3. Admin priveleges are required in order to run this script

Function Invoke-WindowsApi(
[string] $dllName,
[Type] $returnType,
[string] $methodName,
[Type[]] $parameterTypes,
[Object[]] $parameters
## Begin to build the dynamic assembly
$domain = [AppDomain]::CurrentDomain
$name = New-Object Reflection.AssemblyName 'PInvokeAssembly'
$assembly = $domain.DefineDynamicAssembly($name, 'Run')
$module = $assembly.DefineDynamicModule('PInvokeModule')
$type = $module.DefineType('PInvokeType', "Public,BeforeFieldInit")

$inputParameters = @()

for($counter = 1; $counter -le $parameterTypes.Length; $counter++)
$inputParameters += $parameters[$counter - 1]

$method = $type.DefineMethod($methodName, 'Public,HideBySig,Static,PinvokeImpl',$returnType, $parameterTypes)

## Apply the P/Invoke constructor
$ctor = [Runtime.InteropServices.DllImportAttribute].GetConstructor([string])
$attr = New-Object Reflection.Emit.CustomAttributeBuilder $ctor, $dllName

## Create the temporary type, and invoke the method.
$realType = $type.CreateType()

$ret = $realType.InvokeMember($methodName, 'Public,Static,InvokeMethod', $null, $null, $inputParameters)

return $ret

Function Set-PrivateProfileString(
## Prepare the parameter types and parameter values for the Invoke-WindowsApi script
$parameterTypes = [string], [string], [string], [string]
$parameters = [string] $category, [string] $key, [string] $value, [string] $file

## Invoke the API
[void] (Invoke-WindowsApi "kernel32.dll" ([UInt32]) "WritePrivateProfileString" $parameterTypes $parameters)

# Install RRAS role
Import-Module ServerManager
Install-WindowsFeature RemoteAccess -IncludeManagementTools
Add-WindowsFeature -name Routing -IncludeManagementTools

# !!! NOTE: A reboot of the machine might be required here after which the script can be executed again.

# Install S2S VPN
Import-Module RemoteAccess
if ((Get-RemoteAccess).VpnS2SStatus -ne "Installed")
Install-RemoteAccess -VpnType VpnS2S

# Add and configure S2S VPN interface
Add-VpnS2SInterface -Protocol IKEv2 -AuthenticationMethod PSKOnly -NumberOfTries 3 -ResponderAuthenticationMethod PSKOnly -Name -Destination -IPv4Subnet @("") -SharedSecret 123456

Set-VpnServerIPsecConfiguration -EncryptionType MaximumEncryption

Set-VpnS2Sinterface -Name -InitiateConfigPayload $false -Force

# Set S2S VPN connection to be persistent by editing the router.pbk file (required admin priveleges)
Set-PrivateProfileString $env:windir\System32\ras\router.pbk " " "IdleDisconnectSeconds" "0"
Set-PrivateProfileString $env:windir\System32\ras\router.pbk " " "RedialOnLinkFailure" "1"

# Restart the RRAS service
Restart-Service RemoteAccess

# Dial-in to Azure gateway
Connect-VpnS2SInterface -Name

Test connection



Connection from EC2 to Azure







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