Creating VPC peering between Amazon AWS Accounts

Posted: March 5, 2018 in Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Linux

A VPC Peering is a networking connection between two VPCs that enables routing traffic between them.Instances between VPC’s can communicate using private IP’s,instead of public.

In this example one AWS account is presented with Google Chrome (Requester-AWS account which requests VPC peering,and another with Mozilla Firefox-Accepter-AWS account which needs to accept peering request;)

Requester settings

I created VPC (for detailed steps take a look here).  Take especial care not to have same IP ranges in both VPCs, it wont work.

In this example i created a VPC with range and subnet



Creating VPC peering

Now we’ll create VPC peering between Custom VPC ( and default VPC in another AWS account (

From VPC dashboard:-Peering Connection-Create Peering Connection



Put a name-specify local VPC-Another account (specify AWS ID of remote account-Accepter)-Region and remote VPC ID and click Create Peering Connection




Remote VPC ID






Accepter settings:

Now, on Accepter AWS account (to which we want create VPC peer to) console Accept VPC peering connection



Modifying Route tables

One step remains-we now need to modify routing tables to allow remote networks:

On Requester:

Local network is and remote is, so we need to associate that network with VPC peer we just created.From VPC dashboard-Route Tables-click on Routes tab-Edit-add another route



On Accepter AWS console,remote network is so associate that network to VPC peer


Now create new EC2 instance and assign it to Custom VPC,machine on this VPC should communicate with EC2 on another AWS accounts using private IP addresses.









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