Desired State Configuration in Azure VM

Posted: October 11, 2017 in Azure

Desired State Configurations (DSC) are PowerShell scripts that we can use to remotely configure Windows servers,for example we can deploy server roles to multiple server without need to directly manage them.

In this example we’ll deploy IIS to Azure VM using DSC

Deployment script (save it with ps1 extension):

configuration TestConfig
Node WebaServer
WindowsFeature IIS
Ensure = 'Present'
Name = 'Web-Server'
IncludeAllSubFeature = $true


Node NotWebServer
WindowsFeature IIS
Ensure = 'Absent'
Name = 'Web-Server'


I needed to name node as WebaServer, otherwise it won’t work (in fact we need to add any character between Web and Server-bug maybe ?)

Creating automation account

We need account under which DSC will run.In Azure portal click new-type automation








Now click All Resources-Automation Account



DSC configuration-Add Configuration




Upload deployment script and click compile (a mof file will be created in Azure automation DSC server)



Once job completed click on it




To see compilation details



Under automation account properties click DSC node configuration to see available configurations,in this example we have one which will install IIS and one which will remove it if it’s installed, my VM has no IIS so i’ll assign first configuration



Click DSC nodes-Add azure VM






Click Connect and from drop-down menu on right choose Configuration name (i need to install IIS so i chose WebaServer-click OK



After some minutes configuration should be deployed to Azure VM




Check it Out !


Log in to Azure VM, check logs




It seems IIS was indeed installed 🙂




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