Connecting to AWS VM from Windows 10 using Linux Bash Shell

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Open the Settings app and head to Update & Security > For Developers



Open the Control Panel, click Programs-Turn Windows Features On or Off under Programs and Features. Enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)-click OK


Reboot computer

In search box type bash


Type Y


You’ll be asked for username/password

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows shortcut will be created


Connecting to Amazon VM

chmod 400 /mnt/c/Users/dragan/Desktop/mykeys.pem  #(mykeys.pem are private keys downloaded to my Desktop from AWS during creating VM)
ssh ec2-user@ -i /mnt/c/Users/dragan/Desktop/mykeys.pem



  1. Jeremy Stones says:

    This doesn’t work at all. I always get a ‘WARNING: UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE!’ doing it this way. Whenever you access the key from another drive (/mnt/c/…) Amazon won’t recognize your private key because it’s accessible by others. The permissions on the file will automatically revert to “Permissions 0555”.


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