Unattended install ESXi 6.0

Posted: February 21, 2017 in VMWare

Creating ks.cfg file

This specify install location,root password,network settings and hostname

# Sample scripted installation file
# Accept the VMware End User License Agreement
# Set the root password for the DCUI and Tech Support Mode
rootpw mypassword
# Install on the first local disk available on machine
install --firstdisk=local --overwritevmfs
# Set the network to static on the first network adapter
network --bootproto=static --device=vmnic0 --ip= --netmask= --gateway= --nameserver= --hostname=esx1.test.com
# A sample post-install script
%post --interpreter=python --ignorefailure=true
import time
stampFile = open('/finished.stamp', mode='w')
stampFile.write( time.asctime() )

I copied this file to USB stick (must be formatted as FAT32!!)

We need to specify path to unattended file (Shift+O)



ks=usb (specifies usb as ks.cfg file location-installer will search for all USB drives formated as FAT16/32)



Installation has finished:



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