Installing IPAM on Windows Server 2016

Posted: January 15, 2017 in Windows Server

IPAM is used for planning, deploying, managing and monitoring of IP address infrastructure

  • IPAM discovers domain controllers, DHCP servers, and DNS servers in the domain(s)
  • Custom IP address space display, reporting, and management:
  • Audit of server configuration changes and tracking of IP address usage
  • Monitoring and management of DHCP and DNS services

Installing IPAM 

Install-WindowsFeature ipam -IncludeAllSubFeature -IncludeManagementTools

In Server manager click IPAM-Provision the IPAM server


Choose whether use Windows Internal or SQL database


The provisioning method is the process of enabling required permissions, files shares, and access settings on managed servers so that the IPAM server can communicate with them.

Using GPO is much simplier than manual provisioning (settings must be configured manually on each server monitored by IPAM)


Then click Configure server discovery


clik Add


And choose which services we want to monitor by IPAM


Although we specified GPO method,GPO won’t be created by wizard,instead,we need to create GPO’s manually (for IPAM server to be granted permission to manage the domain servers)

On IPAM server open PowerShell as Administrator (GPO prefix name we specified during setup earlier)

Invoke-IpamGpoProvisioning –Domain –GpoPrefixName IPAM –IpamServerFqdn -DelegatedGpoUser Administrator




Check if GPO’s are created


Click Start Server discovery (IPAM will scan network and add all servers with DNS and DHCP roles and Domain Controller),it could take a few minutes


Now click Select or add servers to manage and verify IPAM access



All discovered servers will be listed-Right Click on any server-Edit Server



Click Managed




If,after these steps,server status is “Unblock IPAM access”




Try one of following:

run gpupdate /force on managed servers

restart IPAM server

Check if configuration of DHCP server is completed (when installing DHCP server) and restart DHCP service




Now,populate IPAM database by right clicking server-Retrive All Server Data




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