Configuring iSCSI Target Server Cluster role-Server 2016

Posted: December 28, 2016 in Windows Server

The iSCSI Target allows multiple servers to access stoarage on a Windows 2012 R2 simultaneously,and it can be added in to be made highly available through the Failover Cluster Manager

In this example we’ll be using 3 servers: ( – Server with iSCSI virtual disk (iSCSI target) ( member and iSCSI initiator (addedd disk from ( member and iSCSI initiator (addedd disk from

Configuring iSCSI target (

Add-WindowsFeature fs-iscsitarget-server

Adding virtual iSCSI disk

New disk has F:letter

New-IscsiVirtualDisk -Path 'f:\storage.vhdx' -SizeBytes 59.8GB -ParentPath 'f:'
Add-IscsiVirtualDiskTargetMapping -TargetName 'mystorage' -Path 'f:\storage.vhdx'

Allowing access iscsi-1 ( and iscsi-2 ( to iSCSI virtual disk:

New-IscsiServerTarget -TargetName 'mystorage' -InitiatorIds Ipaddress:,ipaddress:

Configuring iscsi-1 and iscsi-2 servers (cluster members)

Connect to iSCSI initiator (

New-IscsiTargetPortal –TargetPortalAddress
Connect-IscsiTarget -NodeAddress $t.NodeAddress
Register-IscsiSession -SessionIdentifier $t.SessionIdentifier

At this moment disk from should be seen on both cluster members as offline:



Initialize and format disk (on both cluster members)

Get-Disk | Where-Object IsOffline –Eq $True | Set-Disk –IsOffline $False
Initialize-Disk 1
New-Partition -DiskNumber 1 -UseMaximumSize -DriveLetter E
Format-Volume -DriveLetter E

Installing Cluster on iscsi-1 and iscsi-2 servers

From one of the future cluster member run:

invoke-command iscsi-1,iscsi-2 {Add-WindowsFeature fs-iscsitarget-server,Add-WindowsFeature failover-clustering -includemanagementtools}
New-Cluster 'iscsi_cluster' -Node iscsi-1,iscsi-2 -StaticAddress -NoStorage

Add disk to Cluster

Get-ClusterAvailableDisk | Add-ClusterDisk

Add cluster computer account (isci_cluster) rights to create computer objects

Right click OU with computer account-Delegate Control


Object Types-Computer



Create custom task to delegate


Only the following objects in the folder-Computer Object-Create selected objects in this folder


General-Full Control



Adding iSCSI Target cluster role


Add-ClusteriSCSITargetServerRole -Storage 'Cluster Disk 1' -StaticAddress -Name 'iscsi_target'


iscsi_target is netbios name which is used to access iSCSI clustered storage






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