Adding disk to Azure VM using Resource Manager-PowerShell

Posted: December 2, 2016 in Azure

In previous post we added new disk to VM using Azure Portal,in this one we’ll do exactly the same think using PowerShell only:

#Specify your VM Name
#Specify Resource Group
$rgName = "rg"
#Specify Storage account name
#Export storage account into variable
$storageAcc=Get-AzureRmStorageAccount -ResourceGroupName $rgName -Name  $saName
#Pulls the VM info
$vmdiskadd=Get-AzurermVM -ResourceGroupName $rgname -Name $vmname
#Sets the URL string for where to store your vhd files - converts to
#Also adds the VM name to the beginning of the file name
$DataDiskUri=$storageAcc.PrimaryEndpoints.Blob.ToString() + "vhds/" + $vmName
Add-AzureRmVMDataDisk -CreateOption empty -DiskSizeInGB 100 -Name $vmname-Data01 -VhdUri $DataDiskUri-Data01.vhd -VM $vmdiskadd -Caching ReadOnly -lun 0
#Updates the VM with the disk config - does not require a reboot
Update-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName $rgname -VM $vmdiskadd

On VM bring new disk online:

Get-Disk | Where-Object IsOffline –Eq $True | fl
Get-Disk | Where-Object IsOffline –Eq $True | Set-Disk –IsOffline $False


First command output shows disk number (2 in this case)

Initialize disk:

Initialize-Disk 2

Create new volume:

New-Partition –DiskNumber 2 -UseMaximumSize -AssignDriveLetter


And finally,format disk:

Format-Volume -DriveLetter E

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