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Nano gives an option to deploy only those packages (features) that are required instead of installing all the packages and services.

I have downloaded Windows Server 2016 TP first (need to have MS account) to Windows 10 workstation (domain member),and then mounted Server 2016 ISO file.

Create folder (C:\nanoserver in my case)

Open PowerShell as admin:(D is DVD drive letter)

copy D:\Nanoserver\nanoserverimagegenerator\*.* c:\nanoserver
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Import-Module c:\nanoserver\NanoServerImageGenerator.psm1 -verbose ##imorting necessary files

Run the New-NanoServerImage command to create the new VHD file. This command would convert the Image to Virtual HarDisk and then add packages in the HardDisk.

DeploymentType: Guest or Host
Edition: Resulting Virtual HardDisk would contain Standard version of Windows Server 2016
TargetPath :where Virtual HardDisk to be created.
BasePath:  (optional), defines the path where Nano Server WIM and Packages can be saved
ComputerName: Specify the Computer name if you don’t want to join to domain during installation
MediaPath: Path of Windows Server 2016 DVD.
Packages: Specify all the packages that will be installed.List of available packages can be seen in packages folder.
-DomainBlobPath this switch is used when we want to join nanoserver to the domain during installation (offline domain join).For this to work,we must first prestage computer and create BLOB file,(i created it on DC):

djoin /Provision /Domain test /Machine nano01 /SaveFile \\\share\nano.djoin



File \\\share\nano.djoin will be output of djoin command and will be substituted to new-nanoserverimage cmd-let


New-NanoServerImage -DeploymentType Guest -Edition Standard -TargetPath C:
\NanoServer\Nano01.vhd -BasePath C:\NanoServer -MediaPath D:\ -Packages Microsoft-NanoServer-DNS-Package,Microsoft-NanoServer-IIS-Package -EnableRemoteManagementPort -MaxSize 10GB -DomainBlobPath \\\share\nano.djoin -ipv4address -ipv4subnetmask -InterfaceNameOrIndex ethernet -Ipv4Gateway -Ipv4Dns


Enter Admin password when prompted.Command above will create vhd file in C:\NanoServer folder,install DNS and IIS roles from Windows Server 2016 DVD (D:),set ip address,DG and DNS server,joins nanoserver to the domain,and enables management port


Create new Hyper-V virtual machine as Generation 1 machine


Use existing virtual disk (created with New-NanoserverImage command


Start VM,you should get prompted for credentials:


Check network adapter settings:

Select networking and pres Enter


Press Enter again



If You cannot log in with domain credentials use password You set during installation (username Administrator) and review network settings

Remote management

On workstation start WinRM service


net start winrm
Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value "servername or IP"
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName "servername or IP" -Credential domain\Administrator