Deploying portable application using System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP 1

Posted: November 22, 2015 in SCCM

As example,i used CCleaner,from default location (C:\Program Files\CCleaner) i created shortcut in installation folder, (Right click CCleaner64.exe),if i were using x86 OS i would Right click CCleaner.exe)





Copy whole CCleaner folder to shared empty folder on SCCM server (i created empty folder install)

create batch script in install folder

Batch will take parameter (Install folder path),exported to %~1 variable,if that path doesn’t exist,it will be created

if not exist "%~1" mkdir "%~1"

rem ~dp0 is current directory (where .bat exists),it will copy all from CCleaner folder to path specified as .bat parameter (parameter will be specified later on),and will copy shortcut to user Desktop

copy /y "%~dp0CCleaner\*.*" "%~1"
copy /y "%~dp0CCleaner\ccleaner.lnk" "%Public%/Desktop"

Don’t forget to share folder install and to give SCCM server computer account Full Control NTFS permissions



You can now deploy CCleaner as Application or as a package

Package = “run a command”
Application = “keep a program installed on this system”

Software Center can deploy and manage both packages and applications, but the Installed Software tab in Software Center only shows applications (a package could be simply a script that was run, not a real application that was installed). The Application Catalog supports both packages and applications, but there is limited information for a package that can be shown to users in the application catalog.

I decided to deploy CCleaner as Application.

From SCCM console click Software Library-Applications-Create Application


Click Manually specify the application information


Give application name and (optionally) version number


Click Next


For deployement tipe click Add


Again,click manually


Specify app name and click Next


Specify path to shared folder where bat file and CCleaner folder is located,

in installation progam type bat file name and parameter (Path for folder where CCleaner files will be located).

Script will check if folder specified in path  (C:\Program Files\CCleaner) exists,if not it first will create it and copy all files from \install\CCleaner folder on SCCM server to C:\Program Files\CCleaner on client computer


Specify how SCCM will check if program we want to deploy already exists,

click Add Clause






Choose install for system and specify whether app should be installed if user is logged on


Now when CCleaner is published,we need to deploy it,right click on app and select Deploy




Choose Distribution Point






After wizard finishes,CCleaner is available in Application Catalog on client computer,after click Install,it will create folder C:\Program Files\CCleaner

copy all files from CCleaner folder on SCCM server to C:\Program Files\CCleaner on client computer and will throw shortcut to desktop also




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