Powershell:Bulk add Domain users

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Scripts

Create bunch of users using PowerShell

csv file with user details
With powershell You can create many users with a single line of code.During my preparation for MCSA exam on Windows Server 2012 i tried this.I attached file which contains 2 users,You can add as many as You like.This site didn’t allow me to upload csv extension,so before You try,the extension of file must be changed to .csv (instead 1.xls).

Save file on Your Windows Server 2012 server (in my case C:\),open powershell as admin and type next lines:

Import-csv “c:\1.csv” | ForEach-Object {new-aduser -name $_.name -UserPrincipalName $_.use
rprincipalname -DisplayName $_.displayname -givenName $_.givenname -surname $_.surname -path $_.path -profilepath $_.pro
filepath -homedrive $_.homedrive -HomeDirectory $_.homedirectory -AccountPassword (convertto-securestring $_.accountpass
word -asplaintext -force) -Enabled ([System.Convert]::toboolean($_.enabled)) -ChangePasswordAtLogon ([system.convert]::
ToBoolean($_.changepasswordatlogon)) }

Press Enter and user creation is done !.


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